Photo Archiving
Organize family photos and create back up copies.  Scan and organize old family photos (the worst loss in case of a fire) -       $20/hour ($15/hour in case of larger projects)

My services:

Standard photo book
Create a photo book from the arranged photos, using a template-based application (like My Publisher or Shutterfly) complete with frames, color backgrounds and embellishments

$150/book up to 25 pages, 1-6 images/page
$200/book up to 35 pages, 1-6 images/page
$250/book up to 45 pages, 1-6 images/page
$300/book up to 55 pages, 1-6 images/page
$350/book up to 65 pages, 1-6 images/page

Price includes 1 hour consultation at the beginning of the project, and 1 a one -hour review session

Taking photos today is an organic part of life. Even our phones are able to capture amazing shots. But what do you do with those thousands of cute images of your child, the breathtaking moments of your last trip? Are they just sitting on your computer never to be seen again? Are they properly backed up, or will you loose them all they program you use gets corrupted and can not be fixed? Let me help you manage and display your photos. 

Customized photo book

I create a photo book from the arranged photos, using a professional layout design application (InDesign). When designing the book I create embellishments mainly from the photos themselves or from their theme. I do my best to develop a unique style based on the family’s taste and/or the theme of the book. 


Magyari McCarty